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Prairie Hawk Master Minds 
The Virtual Trivia Event

The Prairie School Foundation and the Virtual Trivia Committee would like to thank the over 150 people who participated in our two virtual trivia nights on May 8th and May 15th, 2021. We raised $2240.00 for the Prairie School Foundation to be used towards the purchase of non-budgeted items for our Prairie Kids.

May 8th – Congratulations to the High School Trivia team for winning the first Prairie Hawks Master Minds virtual trivia contest. They received a huge trophy and bragging rights! We had 7 schools participate and over 50 individuals. There was some trash talking but all in good natured fun. This event was a free event open to all school staff members to celebrate a challenging year as they participated in this fun-filled event. 

May 15th – Congratulations to 1st Place winners, “Just Guessing” 2nd place finishers,

“The No It Alls” and 3rd place finishers “Team Spechtacular Fitness” in the First annual Master Minds virtual trivia contest. Over 100 people across 12 teams participated in this challenging event. The top three winning teams will receive cash awards for their efforts.

We thank our 15 sponsors who made this event possible with special thanks to our two event sponsors, Terracon Consultants and APEX Construction for supporting these first-ever competitions. 

Above: Members of the Prairie School Foundation present the winners trophy for our first-ever Prairie Hawk Master Minds, a virtual trivia night, for Prairie School staff. Seven teams competed for this coveted championship trophy won by Prairie High School. From left to right, Ashley Grimm, Master Minds, chair; Karla Thies, Principal, Prairie High School; Vanessa Kelley, Social Studies teacher, Prairie High School and Steve Howes, President, Prairie School Foundation.

The Prairie School Foundation in its never-ending pursuit of fun and funds is announcing it’s first-ever Prairie Hawk Master Minds – The Virtual Trivia Event.  The past months have been challenging for everyone and this is one way we can say thank you to all Prairie Hawks for all you’ve done for our Prairie students.   

Prairie Teacher and Staff Night:

Our first Trivia Night is scheduled for May 8th with the website opening at 6:15 pm and play beginning at 7:00 pm.  There will be 13 teams pitting building against building: That's Creek, Crest Delta, ECC, Edge, ESC, Facilities & Transportation, Heights, High School, Hill, Point, Ridge, and View! You will be able to participate by your phone, tablet, or computer so each team can decide if they would like to gather in one place or participate from their respective homes. Check with your main office for more information on how to sign-up.

In addition to the fun and comradery there will be a trophy and bragging rights awarded to the top scoring team. 

General Public Hip Trivia Fundraising Night: 

We will be presenting a second night of virtual trivia on May 15th for the general public. Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate at this event. So gather your group of friends to create a team of not more than 10 or register yourself. Tickets for the event will be $20 per individual or $100 for a team of 10. Unfortunately, we can't have a team of more than 10 players. Again, you will be able to participate by your phone, tablet, or computer so each team can decide if they would like to gather in one place or participate from their respective homes. Click on this link to see how the contest will be presented by our profesional host, Dan Deibert with HIPTRIVIA. Registration closed.


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