Board Members

Our Board Looks at the Big Picture. 

The Foundation is comprised of a board with a deep committment to the community and an extensive amount of leadership experience that ensures its continual growth. It is operated independently from, but in cooperation with, the College Community School District. It is managed by a volunteer Board of Trustees from school district residents who play a key role in the strong organizational structure and success of The Foundation. Our charter allows for a maximum of 35 board members.

Board Members

The board elects its officers, President, Vice President and Committee Chairs. The board currently employs two part-time paid staff members, an Executive Director and an Operations Manager. Board members come from many backgrounds including homemakers, business leaders and owners, teachers, financial and legal professionals and farmers. The foundation also recognizes its Charter and Emeritus Board Members. 

Active Board Members:

  • Frank Becicka
  • Eric Benson
  • Aaron Bunge
  • Jen Drahos
  • Tina DuBois - Operations Manager
  • Mike Farr
  • Nathan Flatgard
  • Fran Forslund
  • Tony Gaiffe
  • Steve Howes
  • Tom Hughes
  • Becky Joens
  • Jeff Johnson
  • Eric Benson
  • Mike Farr
  • Fran Forslund
  • Tom Hughes
  • Jeff Johnson
  • Julie Kelly - President
  • Mark Matson
  • Val Meyer
  • Kristi Nove
  • Randy Rumery - Executive Director
  • Nate Specht
  • Heidi Kiser
  • Harold R. Stone - Past President

Emeritus Board Members:

  • Bill Grabe
  • Dwight Hughes, Jr.
  • Marilyn Miller
  • Dan Seda
  • Joyce Anderson
  • Jim Hodina
  • Julie Lins
  • Al Schlettler

Charter Board Members:

  • John Anderson, Jr.
  • Elmer Grissel
  • Jack Hays
  • Norm Humble
  • Jim Macek
  • Sherry Pipkin
  • Donna Richardson
  • George Chadima
  • Steve Gustafson
  • Dwight Hughes, Jr.
  • Robert Krob
  • Peggy Noce
  • Jim Powers


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