Prairie Pride

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The Foundation’s Alumni Committee

Our primary goal is to reach out to every graduate from Prairie High School from its first graduating class in 1959 to the present.  

The Alumni Committee is our newest committee. Our role is to provide support and recognition to the Prairie High School Alumni base. We are building a list of class contacts and will follow that effort up with the creation of a database including contact information for each member of the graduating classes.  


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Just in case you forgot!

Prairie School Song
Come on Hawks, onward go,
We will conquer the foe
With the team from Prairie High!
With our coach and our team,
And our spirit that’s keen
And our colors flying high!
We will fight to the finish-
Defeat or victory, we’ll give our hearts
In F-I-G-H-T!

Hey Hawks, let’s fight
Raise that score
Hear them cheering for more
As we win fame for Prairie High
Whoo Ray! Whoo Rey!
Prairie High will lead the way
Come on Hawks, what do you Say?
We’re goin’ to win today!

Alma Mater

Prairie High, loyal to thee.
Faithful and true, we’ll always be
To the orange and black and the glory it brings
Rememb'ring, we’ll always come back to see.

Rolling green meadows, spread far and wide.
We’ll always have, our Prairie pride.
So we raise our voices in tribute to thee.
On forever, Prairie High.

Prairie Pride

May we be of service?

A current theme at Prairie is the slogan; #WEAREPRAIRIE. We want to encourage the spirit of this theme throughout our alumni.  

We want to:

  • Provide support to your class reunion committees. 
  • Be a resource to all of our graduates. 
  • Create a special channel of communication between Prairie High School graduates and the College Community School District.

To that end we are exploring the creation of a Facebook page and/or an E-Newsletter to facilitate communication with and among graduates. In addition, this website and the foundation’s Facebook page are available to promote your reunions and unique events.

We do hope you will come back to see the “Rolling green meadows” and how much they’ve changed for the benefit of over 6000 students each year. Remember wherever you may be, you are a significant part of the Prairie Family #WEAREPRAIRIE!


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