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Music to Our Ears

The Prairie School Foundation Board of Directors recently voted to give the Prairie Music Association $5,500 after receiving a request from the PMA for a variety of music needs.  The funds were allocated accordingly:  $2000 for new shelving in the new Prairie High School music department, $400 for a percussion instrument at Prairie Point, $1000 for choral folders at Prairie Creek and $2100 to be used at the discretion of the PMA Board.

The Prairie School Foundation presents a check in the amount of $5,500 to the Prairie Music Association.  Left to right:  Past President of PMA, Michelle Krapfl, Julie Kelly, Foundation President, Jodie Chadima, President of PMA and Randy Rumery, Foundation Executive Director.

Prairie School Foundation Presents a Big Check

Members of the Prairie School Foundation were pleased to present a check representing $56,600.00 to Superintendent Doug Wheeler prior to the Varsity Football game at this year’s Homecoming.  These funds are dedicated to the enhancement of the excellent educational opportunities at Prairie.

The Foundation provides funding for essential items that are simply not available from the regular school budget.  This year $38,500 has been allocated for requests from the teachers and staff at each of the district’s schools through the foundation’s Allocation Program.  

In addition, the foundation has set aside an additional $18,100 for "special projects". The Prairie School Foundation and College Community School District will work together to determine how to best utilize the funds.  

The Prairie School Foundation would like to sincerely thank the members of the Prairie Community for your generous support.  

Please visit our website, or talk to our staff or board members if you would like more information about the Foundation.

Check Presentation

Gifts of appreciated Stock.  A way to benefit while doing good.

 The Prairie School Foundation processed its first gifts of stock as 2017 came to a close.  Because there are several potential benefits, you may want to consider gifts of stock when you choose to support the foundation and our Prairie Kids.  With U.S. stock markets at an all-time high these gifts are perhaps more attractive than ever.

Generally when stock is transferred to a charitable organization, like the Prairie School Foundation, any appreciated gain with that stock transfers with the shares.  The foundation’s policy is to sell the shares as soon as possible upon their receipt.  Because the foundation is a tax-exempt organization it pays no taxes on any gains. 

Here’s how you benefit:

You may receive an income tax deduction for the full current value of the transferred stock based on how you prepare your taxes. 

You will avoid the capital gains tax on the shares you give regardless of how much the stock has appreciated and the tax bracket you are in.

You may avoid the healthcare tax on net investment income determined by how you prepare your taxes.

Here are some examples of how Prairie schools could benefit:

  • The foundation has worked closely with campus leaders to identify priorities that need funds beyond what the tax base can supply.  Here is a sampling of those needs:
  • Reading and literacy are among the highest priorities.  Several projects have been identified ranging from $1,000 to $10,000.
  • A digital sign for the Prairie Point Campus estimated to cost $50,000.
  • An endowment fund for the Therapy Dog program.  A $50,000 fund would yield about $2,500 per year.
  • Buddy Benches for our playgrounds could reduce bullying and loneliness for about $8,000. 

Seek professional advice before making this decision:

Please remember that the Prairie School Foundation does not offer legal, tax or investment advice.  Consult your professional advisor before taking action with these assets.  The benefits listed above may not be applicable in your particular circumstances.  The determination of tax consequences is a matter solely between you and your tax advisors.  If you do determine that a stock transfer is a good idea for you please contact the Prairie School Foundation’s Executive Director, Randy Rumery for assistance with stock transfer documents for the benefit of the Prairie School Foundation.  


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