Cedar Rapids Prairie Yearbooks

We are working to add digital copies of all Prairie Yearbooks to the website in the near future.  This will take some time and we will publish them as we complete each year so stop back occasionally to see updates!

We are still missing a few years and could use your help. If you have a yearbook from the graduating class of 1977 that you would like to donate, or would allow us to add to our digital collection, please contact us.

Physical copies of yearbooks are available for your viewing in the Library at Prairie High School or in the District Office.  Contact Steve Doser, Communications Director at 319-848-5437 or

If you would like to purchase a physical copy of a yearbook, contact Prairie High School for details on yearbooks available and pricing.

Class of 1958Digital Copy Available

Class of 1959 - Digital Copy Available                         Class of 1960 - Digital Copy Available

Class of 1961 - Digital Copy Available                         Class of 1962Digital Copy Available

Class of 1963 Digital Copy Available                         Class of 1964 - Digital Copy Available

Class of 1965 Digital Copy Available                         Class of 1966Digital Copy Available

Class of 1967 - In Progress                                           Class of 1968 - Digital Copy Available

Class of 1969 - Digital Copy Available                         Class of 1970 - Digital Copy Available

Class of 1971 Digital Copy Available                         Class of 1972Digital Copy Available

Class of 1973 - In Progress                                           Class of 1974 - In Progress

Class of 1975 - Digital Copy Available                        Class of 1976 - Digital Copy Available

Class of 1977 Missing!                                               Class of 1978 - Digital Copy Available

Class of 1979 - Digital Copy Available                        Class of 1980 - Digital Copy Available

Class of 1981 - Digital Copy Available                        Class of 1982 - Digital Copy Available

Class of 1983 - In Progress                                           Class of 1984 - In Progress

Class of 1985 - In Progress                                           Class of 1986 - In Progress

Class of 1987 In Progress                                           Class of 1988 - Digital Copy Available

Class of 1989 - Digital Copy Available                        Class of 1990 - In Progress

Class of 1991 - In Progress                                           Class of 1992 - In Progress

Class of 1993 - In Progress                                           Class of 1994 - In Progress

Class of 1995 - In Progress                                           Class of 1996 - In Progress

Class of 1997 - In Progress                                           Class of 1998 - In Progress

Class of 1999 - In Progress                                           Class of 2000 - In Progress

Class of 2001 - In Progress                                           Class of 2002 - In Progress

Class of 2003- In Progress                                            Class of 2004 - In Progress

Class of 2005- In Progress                                            Class of 2006 - Digital Copy Available



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